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Outstanding Coaches of the Year

TUHSD has long recognized the value of the athletic program as an integral part of the educational opportunities given to our students.Without our committed, caring coaches, the athletic program would wither. Including all the head, assistant and volunteer coaches, our Athletic Directors have indicated that there are 70-80 coaches throughout the year at each site.

The Board has authorized each comprehensive school to name an Outstanding Coach of the Year to represent all the dedicated coaches at their school. Criteria for selection of the TUHSD Coaches of the Year include:

  • Shows growth and development of the program over time.
  • Is knowledgeable about the rules of sport, conditioning and strategy.
  • Provides an equal opportunity for all to learn and practice athletic skills.
  • Communicates positively with players and parents.
  • Maintains consistency with clear goals and expectations for all players.
  • Exhibits high standards of sportsmanship.
  • Promotes respect for officials, rules and opponents.
  • Responsibly meets administrative expectations of coaching.
  • Goes the extra mile!

TUHSD Outstanding Coaches of the Year