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Athletics play a key role in the Tamalpais Union High School District. Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program. Athletics play an important part, too, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competitions add to our school spirit and help all students – spectators as well as participants – develop pride in their school.

TUHSD values the many dedicated coaches without whom these goals could not be achieved. TUHSD wants to support coaches who want to teach the sport they love and provide their athletes opportunities for:

  • Physical, mental and emotional growth and development
  • Acquisition and development of team special skills
  • Team play with the development of such traits as loyalty, cooperation, fair play and other desirable social traits
  • Directed leadership and supervision that stresses self-discipline, responsibility, self-motivation, excellence and the ideals of good sportsmanship that makes for winning and losing graciously

The coaching experience involves much more than just the knowledge of the sport.  The TUHSD Coaches’ Corner hopes to offer assistance to both new and experienced coaches in myriad of responsibilities that go along with coaching; Included are District policies; communication recommendations; District, league and section expectations and school paperwork.  If other information would be helpful, please contact