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Wellness Centers aren’t just for students in need - they’re also places where students can give back.The partnership between Wellness and Peer Resource educates and empowers students each year in health promotion. Students develop peer health education workshops and school-wide health promotion events that reach thousands of students annually. Trained to educate their peers, Peer Resource students develop their own classroom presentations and school-wide events focused on topics such as healthy relationships, stress reduction, LGBTQ sensitivity, sexual health and the negative impact of substance abuses. As ambassadors of the Wellness Programs, Peer Resource students help ensure that all segments of the school population are aware of the services available through our Wellness Centers..


Wellness & Peer Resource partner to offer education, outreach and support to TUHSD students. This partnership includes:

  • Peer Mentoring and Support: Some schools have a peer mentoring or peer support program where students are trained to offer confidential peer counseling/support to students – students will receive training in Peer Resource and this service will be coordinated through the Wellness Center.

  • Conflict Mediation: At some sites, students are trained to mediate peer conflicts skillfully - students will receive training in Peer Resource and this service will be coordinated through the Wellness Center and administration.

  • In Class Social/Emotional Related Workshops: Skill building for Peer Resource Students and Peer Education Including: SOS Suicide Prevention Program--Sexual Health Workshops--Mindfulness Workshops--Responsible Decision Making--Active Listening--Other Health and Wellness Topics

  • Outreach: School Wide Health Awareness Events in collaboration with Wellness and Peer Resource (ex. The GAME PLAN, Let’s Make Safe Sexy, Got Consent, etc.)

  • Condom Availability Program: Peer Resource students are trained by Wellness staff on the effective application and use of condoms to promote safe and responsible sexual decision-making. Peer Resource students also provide condom certification training for other students, which allows them to receive condoms for free at school. Condoms ware also available through the Wellness Centers.

  • Peer Resource Offers Student Voice For Wellness! The Wellness Center will work with Peer Resource to get input and feedback for program development, services and programming ongoing