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Open Enrollment


Open Enrollment (Within District) Transfers

"Open Enrollment" Transfer (within District): Allows 8th - 11th grade students who reside in TUHSD to transfer to a school within TUHSD that is not their school of residence

NOTE: Open enrollment transfers are only only offered for the District's three comprehensive high schools - Tamalpais, Archie Williams, and Redwood. Open enrollment does not apply to San Andreas, Tamiscal or TEAM (at Archie Williams).


  • Intradistrict Transfer (Open Enrollment) is a transfer between schools within the District for students who reside in TUHSD.

  • Interdistrict Transfer is a transfer from/to another school district outside of TUHSD. Click here for more information about Interdistrict Transfers.


  1. The Open Enrollment application period is from January 1 - March 31 for the following school year. The deadline to apply for an Open Enrollment transfer is March 31. No late applications will be considered.

  2. This link shows which cities are within each school's boundaries: Cities in the Tamalpais Union High School District

  3. Residency verification is required to complete registration.

  4. Once accepted to a school, a student may not be displaced from that school and will not have to apply again.

  5. See other Open Enrollment scenarios under “Other Student Considerations” below.


Open Enrollment Board Policy 5116.1


For questions about open enrollment or interdistrict transfers or to obtain copies of forms or policies and procedures, contact:

Karmela Cleary, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Tamalpais Union High School District

(415) 945-1020   Email:


  1. Complete the Open Enrollment Application Form, sign it and scan or save it to your computer.

  2. Email the completed form to  - this is the fastest way to get a response.

  3. Other application submission options:

    1. Mail it to Karmela Cleary, Superintendent’s Office, P.O. Box 605, Larkspur, CA 94977
    2. Hand-deliver the application to Karmela Cleary in the Superintendent’s Office at the District Office, located near the east parking lot on the Redwood campus.
  4. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis from January 1 - March 31, 2024, OR until the maximum of 30 net spots are filled. NOTE: Since the inception of the open enrollment program, net open enrollment transfer requests have not exceeded the student maximum.

  5. Complete the online student registration and select the school your student wishes to attend.

  6. Transfer requests will be approved and students assigned to their school of choice if that school's open enrollment capacity is not exceeded.  In the unlikely event that applications to a school exceed that school's net open enrollment capacity, a lottery will determine who is assigned to that school.  A waiting list, also determined by lottery, will be established. Waiting lists do not carry over to the following school year.

  7. Students assigned to a school must confirm their attendance and submit course requests to that school by March 31. 


  1. Eighth grade students residing in the TUHSD who attend a public school in one of the TUHSD’s ten elementary feeder districts other than in their school of residence may attend either their high school of residence or the high school in the attendance area of their 8th grade school. These students do not have to participate in open enrollment.

  2. 9th-11th grade students who reside in the TUHSD who attend a District school other than their school of residence may continue attending that school without participating in open enrollment.

  3. 9th-11th grade students who reside in the TUHSD who attend a District school but wish to attend a different District school next year must participate in open enrollment.

  4. Students who reside in the TUHSD who currently attend a private high school but wish to attend a TUHS District school next year must attend their high school of residence unless they apply for, and are granted, an open enrollment transfer.

  5. Students who move into the District after March 31 may request an Open Enrollment transfer at the time of registration.

  6. Students residing in the District may have their Open Enrollment transfer revoked for disciplinary reasons if designated by the Board of Trustees through an expulsion process, by the District's policy on alcohol/drugs second offenses, by the action of a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), or through placement in an alternative school or program.

  7. Upon verification, compelling need transfers shall be granted to permit concurrent attendance of siblings at the same District school.

  8. No new transportation services shall be provided for open enrollment students.  Transportation services are limited to those traditionally provided by the District.